Friday, November 9, 2018

Moses Montefiore Sisterhood - Evening of Art - November 10th

Tomorrow my square scarves will be a part of Evening of Art at Moses Montefiore, a fundraising art auction.  4 of the scarves are part of the Signature Series and two were inspired by Broadway shows that have appeared at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. More information and the original digital art works are below.

Signature Series: The butterflies represent people coming from all corners of life gathering together to listen to music represented by the treble clef. For a time, no matter what gender, race, religion, income, or political views people are all connected in this shared experience. The butterflies also represent the change that can come as a result.

Signature Series - Black and White

Signature Series - White on Purple

Signature Series - Diner - Inspired by "Waitress"

Original Art Work for Diner

By using the handle, The Liza scarf can turn into an oragami bag. The Liza print was inspired by "An American in Paris"

Part of the Signature Series - this was inspired by American in Paris


This is a macro photograph of a flower that was tinted to represent a present at Christmas

Hostas - this started as a photograph of one leaf (lower left hand corner) that was mirrored multiple times.  A lensflare of light was but in the middle to illuminate the center of the photo. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018


A big thank you goes to Sarah for purchasing these two framed prints of mine from Foxley's!

Sky Daisy

Burst (inverted Firework)

Tasting for the Troops - November 1st

Thursday night  - My art was part of a silent auction and a live auction for Tasting for the Troops - a fundraiser for the Veteran's Village hope to be built in Appleton, WI.
The submission for the live auction is an inverted image of fireworks taken at Jefferson Park in Menasha, WI.  By inverting the image, the flower look is more easily seen.  I'm happy to announce that the Fire Flower went for $1,000 after I gave the challenge that if it did it would be one of a kind.

Before the inverted technique

After the inverted technique

Below is the original art that I made into cd art coasters.  It was a set of 8 and went for $20.00




Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Tree in Autumn

Coming soon to Foxley's as a collectible art card

This will be the final piece to the collectible art card series. Here is a link to get the frame to hold the art cards...5" x 5" double sided acrylic magnetic frame .  Check out the other Collectible Art Cards found by selecting the tab above.

A Tree in Autumn

Mirrored image of A Tree in Autumn