Friday, January 13, 2017

It's Opening Night at Let it Flow at the Rock Garden Studio!!!!! ok....Just Breathe

Today is the day, my big debut at the Let if Flow at the Rock Garden Studio and I'm trying not to freak out....I had a dream last night that I arrived at the exhibit and all my pictures were on the floor because my new hanging system had failed me terribly. The hanging system is called Good HangUps and I had not tested it on this particular wall before. Great idea in theory and praying great idea in practice too.  This is also the debut of my series and well of me after 4 years.
You see, I've been here before. I had done two Art in the Towns in the same whirlwind of a summer and had my photography displayed in a store.  Some actually sold it was a crazy time and then it all just kind of died.  There was some drama and a lot of disappointments. I walked away from it because the business and drama of it all was killing my joy of photography.  

And then one day I decided to get out of my funk.  There's a particular set of lyrics by LOLO that rings true... "Why are you waiting on the world for a favor, this is your life go ahead and change it". Good things happened when I decided to put myself out there again.  I spent this summer and fall attending original live music and met some amazing people who play because they love it.  I witnessed them putting their heart and soul into it no matter the setting or situation. All this helped me get back to my art. 

It all started with Shaun Marie's "Safe Place". I was listening to her music and was inspired to put the lyrics that worked with a picture I had.  I sent it to her via Facebook and she loved it.  Her encouragement and excitement helped me so much and gave me the courage to approach others. 

I continued to have the same responses that they loved it and I had their permission to include it in the series.  And, I was having fun doing this. Music has always been a big part of my life and has always brought me joy.  Their encouragement and enthusiasm gave me the courage to approach Jean Detjen who has been doing a great series of exhibits called Let It Flow. I was there to see her community exhibit at the Grand Kakalin and started talking to her about the series I was working on. She wanted it for the exhibit that is opening tonight at the Rock Garden Studio.  My tie in with the musicians was perfect for the exhibit. I told her the idea was still fresh to me, and that I had nothing really done except for the few photos that I showed her. I walked away a little stunned....could I do this again? and then I knew...under the Treble Stigen name with the love of this project, I could.  Now I have 25 photos with 20 different musicians/groups all who have encouraged me.  My web presence is complete, I have fresh business cards.  I am not expecting to sell these like I was before so the pressure is off.  I will entertain offers if I receive them but only after I get the okay from my friends first. (a few have already done so) 

What I have learned is as long as the love and passion for the project is there, good things can happen! Below is a photo of my part of the exhibit. Be sure to spend some time looking at all the amazing artists that are also displaying their works. You will be blown away from the time that you enter the doors.  Easiest way to get there is take Oneida St to Olde Oneida and take the road on the left that runs between the Edison building and Pullman's. Go all the way to the back, there will be a parking lot. In the back of the Edison building are two metal doors that has Rock Garden Studio printed on them.  Here's a link for directions also.  Hours for tonight are 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

included with the exhibit is a listening station (that will be mounted on the wall) of artists who have recorded and/or performed at Rock Garden Studio

The artists whose "song" is on the wall all have all recorded and or/performed at Rock Garden Studio

I will have more "Songs' from other artists in the songbook , they are presented  in alphabetical order

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