Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Look Back - Let it Flow at Rock Garden Studio Exhibit

Recording Console at Rock Garden Studio

First off, I wanted to give a big thank-you to all my friends who came in support of the Let it Flow at the Rock Garden Studio Exhibit, the musicians that allowed me to use their lyrics for the "Songs" series, my folks who helped with financing and a ride, my husband who didn't mind that I ended up being gone the entire week and my son who showed up and then helped me pack it up.  The biggest thank-yous need to go to Jean Detjen who curated the event and Marc Golde for hosting it. Thank you for all the hard work in making this week long exhibit a success!
    I have to say my first community exhibition experience went well! There was so much support that I was a little overwhelmed, but happily so. By the end of the week my fellow artists and I felt like a family and were sad to see it end.  Opening and closing nights felt a little chaotic to me due to the amount of people that came. Which was a good thing, just crazy!  My favorite times were the quieter moments: Adriel Ramos mentioning the photo I did for "April"  during her set; The conversations I had with fellow photographers Mark Ferrell, Larry Radloff , and Che Correa, and the other artists I met; my godchildren getting to talk to a painter about pursuing art. Three pretty great things happened too.   Many of the musicians whose words were part of the project stopped to say hello or sent words of congratulations. Jean Detjen connected some artists with Motto Inc. Store a local company that can print photos or other images onto many different products. Here is the link to a Bontsu Headwear that has the above image I took while at the exhibit. I also received my first press from Fox Cities Magazine's Blog...
"Treble Stigen’s latest series Songs and Squares further fuses the visual and the vocal. “As I listened to these artists’ songs, my mind would connect. With the artist’s approval, I have chosen some lyrics from their art and added them to mine,” says Stigen. While Songs is inspired by the music of artists who recorded or performed at Rock Garden Studio Squares is inspired by their album art. At Let It Flow, Stigen paired her photographs with lyrics from songs that you can listen to while observing her work. She likes to have visitors try to guess which photo goes with which song, so listen carefully!"

All in all, a very positive experience for my debut. Below are some photos from the exhibit:

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