Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Road Stories - Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour and Ride to Benefit the Veterans at King

Had an amazing motorcycle weekend with my husband! 

Saturday was Harley Davidson's open house with the stars of the day: The Busted Knuckles Tour.  They were so amazing and a little scary at the same time. There were some wooden barriers up and they rode right to the edge where we were standing.  One wrong move..... Anyway, I am more about the photo than the words:

The main part of the weekend happened on Sunday when Odd and I rode in a group ride for the first time. It was to the Wisconsin Veterans Home in Kings, WI.  200 riders showed up! More than 100 bikes! We rode single file in a staggered formation. Imagine the long line of motorcycles that would create! I was very impressed by the organizers of this ride.  The registration process was very efficient with very little to no wait.  There were complimentary goodies to munch on while you waited for the ride to start.  Volunteers to help you get lined up. They had local police block the intersections so we could ride out in style. The ride leaders made it very easy to follow the route by dropping off where the turns were. But most of all I was moved by the mission of the ride.  To raise funds for the Wisconsin Veterans Home.  This year it went to the dementia and alzheimer's wing specifically.  There was also a pickup truck filled with personal care items to give to the patients.  There was a 50/50 raffle which came to around $400.00. The person who won donated $100.00 of his winnings back! What a class act! As a veteran and the wife of a veteran, seeing the turnout for this ride on a cold day really got me.  We will be going on this ride again. 
Below is a photo collage from the ride. Some beautiful country roads, only managed two photos while on the ride itself due it being way too risky to take photos while on the back of a motorcycle.  

The next collage is a few photos taken while at Kings.  If I had been thinking I would have taken some of the actual buildings, perhaps next year! There was also the problem of a dying battery on the phone.  There were some activities set up including a car show, a Vietnam exhibit, and a boat ride. It was also an open house so we were able to see that they had everything you could need on campus. There was a chapel, a movie theater, bowling alley, art classes, a coffee and gift shop.  There were underground tunnels with a shuttle bus to get everyone around.  The campus was massive and beautiful also. Here is a link to learn more Wisconsin Veterans Home at King .

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