Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spirit Animals - Which one are you?

I once had a conversation with a friend about tattoos and when I mentioned the meaning behind mine she said "maybe the butterfly is your spirit animal?." I found the statement interesting so I wanted more information and found this  quiz  online.  My result just happened to be a butterfly. How cool is that? Here is more about what the meaning behind the butterfly spirit totem/animal. Many times when there has been some sort of change or momentous occasion I have seen a butterfly. Here are some examples:
  •  The day that I was baptized I had a strong urge to visit the butterfly garden at Heckrodt in Menasha and take some photos. I was on zoom when one landed on my hand and stayed there for a moment even as I was moving trying to get a photo. Because of the zoom, I ended up having to extend the camera behind my head and pray that it came out is the end result!

  • The day that I biked from my home in Menasha to High Cliff State Park and back for the first time with my son I took this photo, always a good omen and to me celebrating a healthier lifestyle. 

  • In my summer of music when I decided to embrace the musical community I was coming back from such an event at Waverly Beach when I had the notion to stop by the butterfly garden at Heckrodt. The photo below I took with a camera phone, this beauty stayed and "visited" me for quite a long time, I actually had to gently nudge it onto some neighboring flowers where I took the photo that has been edited for both my logo and my signature series.

My signature series

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