Friday, May 26, 2017

Through the Eyes of A Veteran Art Show at Hooper Law Office - May 23rd

My part of the Through the Eyes of a Veteran exhibit at Hooper Law Office. Each bridge symbolizes different transitions that can occur when transitioning from military to civilian life.  From my Journey series.

Through the Eyes of a Veteran was a very well put together event done by the Hooper Law Office in Appleton, WI.  Veterans were invited to submit their art or collections. As an Army Desert Storm veteran I was very honored to be a part of it.  Much of the exhibit was a memorial to the ones lost in battle, a beautiful and sobering tribute like the photos below.

The flags were created by Brandon Salfai who resides in Appleton

Artist Laura Taylor presents a piece she created to the family of the subject in the art. (photo credit - Hooper Law Office Facebook page)
Other works depicted the emotions of combat and PTSD.
Theodore Gostas - Artist and Vietnam War Veteran


Other entries were more about the veteran who is also an artist but the pictures are not necessarily depicting war or combat themes. 

Thomas Schultz - Artist

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