Monday, June 5, 2017

Huecation - My part of the Tributary Art Exhibition at Sounds Alive

Opening night of Tributary at Sounds Alive  (315 1st St in Neenah, WI ) was a success! I have my own room and people liked what they saw and a few put an entry in the journal or added to the community art wall!  The fun is still happening. Hours are Monday - Friday 3:00pm - 8:00pm until July 7th. 

A video of the news segment from Fox 11 Here's a link to see the actual one from Fox 11. I'm in it a couple of times :)

First, a little about my room, Huecation.  I wanted people to explore their connection with color, what is their favorite and why? Because the mirrored series is so abstract I chose pieces that had one vivid color. I also wanted to give people another option with how they connect with art other than in sculpture or on the wall.  The pieces in my submission are scarves, a blanket, a tote bag, a pillow, a journal and a mug that I had printed from my art. There is also some wall art available in art prints in an album and in a mini canvas on the wall. I also included an interactive element by providing a journal to write in and materials for people to create their own art. There's also a color chart where you can leave a short message or tally under your favorite color with your favorite color. Music is provided for you to listen to while visiting. Pick your favorite local musician to listen to and create!

Come and hang out in Huecation (see the orange journal?  Write in it please so I know you visited!) I'm wearing one of the scarves that is the same size as the green one. Play with the ones in the bag, wrap yourself in green, purple, black and white, or blues. Feel the squishy of the pillow and the softness of the blanket.  The yellow is canvas, feel the rough texture in comparison. The solidness of the mug is a great contrast to the lightness of the scarves. Everything except for the red scarf and red print is for sale as a limited edition. 

Community Art Wall and Color Chart 

There is a sign on the door to the room that also lists how you can interact with the room.

                                                    A bit of creativity on opening night!

A little about the art in Huecation.  I have recently been exploring mirrored images.  I like how by just a couple of flips, the image completely transforms just like how when we explore other sides to ourselves we can transform. For added interest I did incorporate other editing techniques in these images as well.  The images also encourage the viewer to go beyond, "its just a ..."  What I chose for the exhibit are flowers, a tree, a leaf, or a butterfly.  Below are two collages.  Before the editing and after:

Before (note: I was unable to find the orange original)


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