Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sky Daisy - A Story about My Favorite "Re-Imagined" Photo

Two Images combine: A super high contrast black and white photograph of a daisy and a photo of the sky 

I was at an art event this past Tuesday where I was asked two questions. "What is your favorite image you have created?" and How do you come up with your images?

Let me try to address both those questions using the above image as my guide. This is one of my first re-imaginings and also my favorite.  In fact, it hangs as a 26" x 26" scarf in a spare room I've adopted as my "studio".  It all started with a photograph of a daisy that I took. The actual photograph was pretty much something we've all seen before.  So I got to work/play.  I think I was using GIMP at the time. GIMP is a free editing program you can get online. Click here to download and experiment with your own photos!

I wish I had the original photo to show but unfortunately it is locked away on an old external hard drive that I can no longer access.  Anyway, I had this photo and I was experimenting with the different filters and effects that GIMP offers as a way to learn editing (I'm a self taught artist and am always learning).  The bottom portion of the image happened. I thought to myself, that's cool!  I'm keeping that! There were a couple problems though...i needed to clean it up a little and there was a black hole in the center. Still I saved it and put it aside. A little while after I was playing with some images of the sky and an effect called Sphere (there's also cylinder and cube).  I remembered the 1st image of the super high contrast daisy and knew that one of the spheres would be perfect to cover up the black hole.  After some very careful cutting and pasting and some cleaning up using the clone tool  and creative cropping Sky Daisy came to be.  I like to think that it looks like someone took a ball of the sky and threw it at pool of white paint on a black background and it went Splat! I wish it was deeper and full of symbolism. But alas! Most of my images are a result of experimenting with filters and effects and the desire to take a photograph beyond its original.

Now that I have been re-imaging photographs for a couple of years I have more sense of purpose and know what effect I want try.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't work, I try something else until it does. I'll continue to share these insights here on this blog.

Anyway, I love this image. I recently received a request for a skirt with this image as the print and ended up creating a collection.  It's one of the images that does well on its own or tiled and looks really good on just about everything.  Here are links to my newest collections:

Sky Daisy Wearables on Art of Where

Sky Daisy (tiled) Wearables on Art of Where

Sky Daisy Collection on (accessories and items for the home)

Sky Daisy Collection on Fine Art America

Prints and Wall Art are available upon request.  Nothing on canvas though. I threw down a challenge at the Tasting For the Troops Event put on by the Appleton Rotary Club in 2017 that if the 16" x 16" on canvas piece I donated raised a thousand dollars for the Veterans Council that I would never print it on canvas again.  Challenge met and granted!

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