Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Tree Project

My creative nature decided to take my life over the last couple of days...and thought it would be fun to create 42 trees off the same photo to demonstrate how different a photo can look with filters and effects.

It all started with the photo below which on it's own is one of my favorites.

"A Tree in Winter" taken in Jefferson Park in Menasha, WI

I was playing around with inverting images for an upcoming series called "Alternate Reality" and came up with this:

Alternate Reality of A Tree in Winter

I was liking the new look but decided to play around with it a little more and do a super high contrast edit:

White Tree on Black
Then it occurred to me to try some art effects out of LunaPic and it filled in the bare branches! 

Dream Tree

The next set of images in the slideshow at the top is a series of White Trees on a variety of backgrounds.

White Tree on Galaxy

"Warhol" effect creates an additional set of trees.  The possibilities are endless because it uses two colors that you interchange to your hearts delight. If you have a favorite color combination, let me know and I'll create it for you. And yes, I'll be adding Packer Colors, Brewer Colors, and Badger Colors to the collection

Warhol Tree - Yellow on Orange

Also included in the collection is a variety of colored trees on a black background using textures like in the White Tree collection but opposite so the texture is on the tree like in the photo below:

Butterfly Tree
and to finish there is a series of ombre trees on a black background.  Like the Warhol Trees, the color combinations are infinite. 

Tree in Green and Blue Ombre

I hope you enjoy the Tree Project. Please be sure to view the video in HD by clicking on the settings button. 

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