Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dreaming of Spring

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the colorful flowers and the sense of rebirth after a long winter. Unfortunately in Wisconsin we experience a "sprinter" and then a spring so it doesn't last as long.  I came across these "rainbow tulips" bouquet at a grocery store. They reminded me of all the beauty that is to come hopefully very soon.

Staying true to my nature, I felt the need to turn these into Kaleidoscopes and add to my series. Interesting thing about the program that I use to create these. A little flip or a mirror or a flip and a mirror creates different looks.  So too the "sides" I choose it to have. I never truly know what I get which is part of the fun of creating them. Here are 4 variants of the above photo.

Which ones do you like the best?  I of course will be putting in the lens flare in the center and a circle frame like the ones below.

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