Saturday, May 11, 2019

Floral Kaleidoscopes on Commission

I've been searching for a way to offer a type of a service to those who enjoy my art, in particular my kaleidoscopes.  And then it occurred to me...  Since I make the kaleidoscopes out of flowers perhaps what I could offer is to make them out of a patron's favorites, a special bouquet (weddings, anniversary flowers) a favorite part of their garden, etc.  From there I could create some products online for them and they can shop to their hearts content. I'll have some samples so they can see some options. Here's the example that inspired the idea:

My stepmom sent me a photo of the flowers my Dad gave her so I asked her to send me some close-ups and I'd send her back a few kaleidoscopes.  She loved them! I definitely could do this again but need to figure out costs and how to market it. Anyway, below are the kaleidoscopes followed by the original photo. 

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