Thursday, July 25, 2019

100 - A Project

About a year and a half ago I started a project of kaleidoscopes made out of photos of flowers that I had taken. The collage below shows the result of this project.  100 kaleidoscopes of flowers in total all assigned a musical term for its name. These will be used in a variety of ways. (some are in the Artiphix machine in The Red Lion Hotel as one side of a double sided art tag necklace) Earrings, necklaces, repeated in scarves and bags, round glass dishes will all be available online in the future. There are many different products that I can use these for but the most immediate use will be for the center art on upcycled cd and mixed media (cd, vinyl records, cassette tape).  With these as my guide I will be painting on 12" records using acrylic paints or paint pens.  Come see the entire collection at an easier to see size at Foxley's during Mile of Music.  I will also be demonstrating putting these together on Saturday morning at Foxley's.  Come see me and other NEWAA artists throughout the duration of Mile of Music.  There will also be pop ups happening since it is a pop-up venue.  I will also be working on these at the next Art on the Town on August 16th.

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