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Connect art and music while benefiting the community and being mindful of the environment. 

About the Art: 

While not defined by genre, Treble's work has a unifying theme of vivid color or striking monochrome. She starts with a photograph of her surroundings and then re-imagines it using filters and special effects.   Because of her lifelong connection to music, the work is primarily in a square format to represent LPs, 45s, and CD covers. Two of her pieces have been used as album covers by local musicians. Treble also uses her "Centers" series of kaleidoscopes as part of her recycled vinyl records and cds assemblage art. The 12" records are painted on a turntable as it's turning. To bring her art beyond wall art, Treble also has her work printed on a variety of products such as scarves, bags, dog tags and more. Treble's art has raised around $3,000 for local non-profits through silent or live auctions at events. Currently you can find Treble's art at Foxley's Art and Framing and Rustic Burrow. Her double sided dog tags are available in the Artiphix machine located in The Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel.

About the Artist: 

Holly "Treble" Stigen is a self-taught photographer based out of Menasha, Wisconsin who awakened to creating art in her mid 40's. She has been happily married for over 26 years and has two grown sons. She was in the Army for 8 years and is a Desert Storm Veteran. While in the Army, Treble graduated from the Armed Forces School of Music as a flute and piccolo player and from the Army Signal School as a single channel radio operator. She has enjoyed working at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center as a ticket agent for the past 17 years. Treble loves to attend live music events and art exhibitions to support local musicians and artists and performed at Mile of Music 6 with her friends Tyler and the Streeters.  

The summer I decided to become more involved in my community and start showing my art I spent time with my spirit animal, a butterfly in the butterfly garden at Heckrodt Wetlands in Menasha.  I took this as a sign that this transformation was a positive one

Musically, I've been able to be a part of some pretty amazing experiences! I was invited to play the flute as a special guest of Tyler and the Streeters during Mile Music! You can see some photos of this experience from earlier blogs.  Below is my return from Retirement after 30 years at Chadwick's:

 Another musical experience is when I praised danced as part of a praise dance ministry called For Him.  Part choreographed, part freestyle these dances are all about worship.  We gathered together for about an hour and a half, learned the choreography and shot the video all within that time.  That was so we wouldn't overthink the steps and let the song fill us up so we could worship through dance and music. The videos were all expertly edited by Cathleen and Richard Grosskopf. They reached a global audience with anywhere from 1,000 - 5,000 views on Facebook.   There may be mistakes but the steps don't really matter.  It is all about the movement of praise.  Here is my favorite video.

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