Collectible Mini Art Prints

Available exclusively at Foxley's these mini art prints are printed on art-recycled paper with an image on both sides.  Two original art images for only $10.00!  Click here to get your acrylic block for the best way to display in order to see both sides!

A Tree in Spring

Taken at the Fox River Mall in Appleton, WI

Multiple mirrored images of the same tree


Peony using the watercolor effect inside my camera

this image was taken using the watercolor effect inside my camera

A Tree in Winter 

This photo was taken at Jefferson Park in Menasha on a foggy winter's day

This is the same image as above only edited with multiple mirrored imagery and high contrast

River Rocks in Snow - Available only until March

This image took me awhile to do because of the smoothness of the rocks and the wetness of the snow. I found myself getting frustrated after each time the rocks toppled over. It was only after I refocused and took a breath that I was able to find this balance.

I took this photo of a single river rock to remind us that if we focus on just one thing at a time we can see the details so much more clearly


As someone who is learning more about yoga beyond the Asana I wanted a reminder of its different elements.  Represented are a chakra's colors in the tree, the branches of yoga are listed on the bottom, lotus flowers in the corners and the symbol for ohm on the left and of course Namaste.  I added the Lens Flare at the top to represent inner light.  The butterfly is not necessarily yoga but to represents the transformation I hope to achieve on this path
There are many meanings regarding the lotus flower the ones that I like the most is represented light emerging from darkness and the opening of the lotus petals to unfold what is divine within in you and in your heart


This vintage microphone was taken at the Museum of Science and Technology in Chicago.  In order to get rid of the background I "painted" in the background

Recording console at Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, WI


A friend of mine donated her cork collection (she had been collecting for years) I imagine this gradient to be different types of wine "spilled" onto a black and white photo of the corks, white, rose, and red are represented.

same cork collection, but a more casual approach


Taken on the side of a country road in Wisconsin

Cornfield - Taken on the side of a country road in Wisconsin


Photograph taken at the New Zoo in Green Bay.  Did selective coloring, high contrast and increased saturation to focus on the ocelli (eyes of  a peacock's feathers)

The same peacock allowed me to get up close and personal to get this shot.

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